Sustainable Garden Design and Maintenance



treehouse-patio-sketchWhether you have a small planter or want a makeover of your yard: we’ll work with you to design a beautiful garden that suits your tastes and wishes without compromising ecologic responsibility. Fine design is the first step to turning a random selection of plants into an island of natural beauty throughout the seasons.



Keeping your plants healthy and happy will also keep your garden beautiful and thriving.
Whether it be the right nutritional composition of your soil; an irrigation solution to fit your needs and lifestyle; integrated, sustainable pest or disease management –
we’ll work with you on the right maintenance plan to nurture your garden back to health and keep it looking great!

Responsibility and Guardianship

img_4857We strongly believe that this world is entrusted to us to guard , and in our responsibility to protect nature and its species.
We therefore favor native plant varieties, ecologically sound and organic maintenance practices and sustainable watering solutions.
Combining state of the art horticultural knowledge and ecological research with the pure beauty and grace of flowers and shrubs is our goal.