Woodland Border

This spot used to be a problem area.

A row of trees plunges the whole border into shade. Their dense and in spots rather shallow root systems make it difficult for many flowers and plants to get established. Besides lily of the valley and a few polygonatum, nothing seemed to thrive there.

A basic rule for gardening is: Right Plant, Right Place. Finding the right choice of shrubs and perennials for these particular growing conditions was key. In addition, a newly built wood shed re-defined the whole space and necessitated changes. It created a new focal point that draws the eye into that corner of the garden.

Mid-high shrubs like red-twig dogwood and oakleaf hydrangeas frame the shed and integrate it into the landscape design. More shrubs along the fence provide the backbone of the border. Tall grasses further outline and define the border, while shade loving perennials and ferns with lush, bold foliage provide texture, color, and volume.

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